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Solomon Family

The Good Trouble Summer Literacy Camp was awesome! My children had the opportunity to investigate and learn about the rich history of the black community and culture. They were learning so much that they came home and shared all of the incredible things they were learning. It was nothing short of eye-opening. They gained a new understanding  through the  interactive sessions, storytelling, reading books by black authors, and group discussions with  peers. They got to enjoy going on weekly field trips and swimming lessons and much more. The teachers were professional, patient, and enthusiastic , which enhanced the learning experience. Best of all, they got to meet new friends that shared their interest.

Camp Parent 

 My kids love this camp. They learned so many new things and got to retain the knowledge kids usually lose over the break. This camp wasn't just about learning, the kids got do so much more. There were  weekly 

swimming lessons, field trips, in house  and other activities. Best of all everything was included in the price.

Anderson Family

As a parent, I was concerned about my child's academic progress over the summer and how they might become bored in the absence of structured activities. However, thanks to the fantastic literacy camp program, my children spent the entire summer actively engaged in reading and writing. This camp not only helped improve their reading and writing skills but also fostered a love of learning that will benefit them for years to come. Thanks to interactive  games that made learning fun.  The personalized attention from experienced educators was very beneficial. Best of all, I noticed a difference in their behavior because they were too preoccupied with books and the different learning styles, to get into any mischief. Thank you very much, summer literacy camp!

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