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I am so grateful for PIC . Angelia has really stepped up in every aspect of her life. She has been more focused on her schoolwork, and responsibilities at home. Usually, she just answered you with a "yes or no" answer! She's more vocal. She's determined to attend FAMU because of this program. I can't thank you all enough.

I am so grateful for PIC and the opportunities that my daughter has had. She was acting out in school and was failing in all classes. She had no aspirations, and I don’t even think she had self-love. I was very concerned about the direction her life was headed. She’s a new person now. PIC taught her self-love and respect. Her grades were pulled up to all A’s and B’s. She now has goals and desires for a future, one that PIC taught her is filled with hope. I am thankful for this turnaround.

"I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the PIC program that you provided. It was an incredible experience that my son and I will cherish forever. I am incredibly thankful for all the hard work and dedication that went into making the PIC program possible. It truly made a significant impact on my son's life, and for that, I'm forever grateful. I hope and pray that we can get more people like the ones we had to have more time with the kids and continue making a positive difference in their lives."

Before we found PIC, my child was lost to me. At 13, she was using drugs and alcohol and was labeled as a habitual runaway. PIC and prayer saved her. Her mentor was able to reach her when I couldn’t. She now wants a career in law enforcement. Being a part of PIC gives my child meaning and value.

Project I Can has had a transformative impact on Maria by providing her with invaluable guidance, support, and opportunities for growth. While initially designed to simply impart knowledge and advice, the mentorship program goes beyond that by fostering critical skills development and character building. Through regular interactions with experienced professionals, Maria has been exposed to different perspectives, industry insights, and real-world challenges she would otherwise not have access to. This exposure broadens her horizons, ignites her passion for learning, and helps her to make informed decisions about her future career paths. Furthermore, her mentors and staff served as role models who inspired confidence, instilled essential values such as resilience and perseverance, and encouraged self-reflection among not only Maria but all the mentees. Ultimately, the mentorship program empowers youth to leverage their strengths, overcome obstacles in pursuit of success, and make meaningful contributions not only in their professional lives but also in society at large. I am grateful to have been apart from the beginning and hope to continue as we move forward.
Thank you, Teal

"I want to start by expressing my gratitude towards PIC for its outstanding work with my children. Their participation in PIC has made them more enthusiastic about their future and has even encouraged them to think about colleges. As a parent, I am thrilled to see my children engaging with PIC and excited to see what the future holds for them."First, let me say my children are excited to participate in PIC. That alone makes me believe in PIC. As a parent, I appreciate PIC for ongoing work with my children. Their experiences with PIC in just a few months have encouraged them to think about colleges.



Solomon Family

The Good Trouble Summer Literacy Camp was awesome! My children had the opportunity to investigate and learn about the rich history of the black community and culture. They were learning so much that they came home and shared all of the incredible things they were learning. It was nothing short of eye-opening. They gained a new understanding  through the  interactive sessions, storytelling, reading books by black authors, and group discussions with  peers. They got to enjoy going on weekly field trips and swimming lessons and much more. The teachers were professional, patient, and enthusiastic , which enhanced the learning experience. Best of all, they got to meet new friends that shared their interest.

Camp Parent 

 My kids love this camp. They learned so many new things and got to retain the knowledge kids usually lose over the break. This camp wasn't just about learning, the kids got do so much more. There were  weekly 

swimming lessons, field trips, in house  and other activities. Best of all everything was included in the price.

Anderson Family

As a parent, I was concerned about my child's academic progress over the summer and how they might become bored in the absence of structured activities. However, thanks to the fantastic literacy camp program, my children spent the entire summer actively engaged in reading and writing. This camp not only helped improve their reading and writing skills but also fostered a love of learning that will benefit them for years to come. Thanks to interactive  games that made learning fun.  The personalized attention from experienced educators was very beneficial. Best of all, I noticed a difference in their behavior because they were too preoccupied with books and the different learning styles, to get into any mischief. Thank you very much, summer literacy camp!

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